Wedding Snaps!

Hey everyone, since the wedding season is starting to get quieter and im slowly getting up to date with the editing sets (almost there if your waiting! I promise!!) I figured nows a good time to give you all a sneak peak of whats been happening 🙂



Easter in the GRAMPIANS!

So my first trip to the rocks in almost 12 months, i hardly even climbed 😦 still though im back training hard now and with much renewed enthusiasm!

The highlight of the trip i spent getting some shots and learning the ropes (literally) of climbing photography. I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to jug up Taipan wall, not only because i was able to shoot some of austrlians best climbers but also as for me its a big step to be so high on the ropes (not my strong point… yet).

Big thanks to Lee for helping me not kill myself while hauling myself and gear up, and all the climbers! 🙂

The elevate shots are of a route named ‘Goove Train’ grade 33. The climbers are Doug McConnell and Lee Cossey who both came very close to sending. (more…)

Top Gear Live

Hey guys this event was a while ago but things r slowly starting to settle down for me so thought id start posting up some pics!

The event was held over 4 days, this is just a small selection. I was there to shoot for vicdrift so sorry for not having pics of other parts of the event, though to be honest these guys were by far the most entertaining attraction 

Was a crazy weekend for me, 4 days of being super early and 2 weddings to shoot that weekend too…
hope u like 


Happy snap!

While I was in the city today waiting for a tram 🙂

Getting published

When you first start taking photos as a hobby, getting your photos published is always something you aim for. Heres a few of my climbing shots that have made it to print (and web publication) 🙂

Please excuse the poor quality photos of photos…


Some street shots

some older stuff again but still some of my favorites 🙂